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Why educate girls?

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Why educate girls?

Megan Foo, a high school senior in Hong Kong and advocate for women and girls, writes about educating girls.

Megan points out that, in developing communities, three issues prevent a girl from her right to education:  1) her gender, 2) her zip code, and 3) her economic condition.

She writes that girls’ education is …

  1. a fundamental right that warrants universal access.
  2. a catalyst for gender equality.
  3. the key to poverty alleviation within less economically developed countries.
  4. instrumental in bringing about economic growth.
  5. essential for reducing the number of child marriages.
  6. a successful formula for individual empowerment.
  7. a proven cause of lowered maternal and infant mortality rates.
  8. critical to a decline in fertility rates.
  9. a steppingstone to improved women’s health.
  10. a pivotal force for change in societies and communities.

“Why Should We Invest in Girls’ Education?” – Megan Foo, Huffington Post

Why girls? Why Light of Hope?

If we educate a boy, we educate one person.  If we educate a girl, we educate a family – and a whole nation. – African proverb


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