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Carol Naro excels on KCPE exams


Carol Naro excels on KCPE exams at Light of Hope.

In December of 2014, 14-year-old Light of Hope student and resident, Carol Naro, sat for her KCPE exams.  Her score of 409 was an exceptional performance – one that merited a column in the newspaper and a highlight on the national news.


Carol is now attending one of the best high schools in Kenya, St. Brigid’s Girls High School Kiminini.

She dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon in the future.

Caroline (Carol) Katiko Naro was born on September 10, 1999, as the third of four children.  Tragically, both of her parents passed away in 2006 leaving the children in their aunt’s care.  With such extreme hardship and poverty, the possibility of Carol’s continuing her education became a distant dream.

Fortunately, when Carol was eight her aunt contacted Light of Hope for help.

Lorene'sCarolCatherineTeamLLight of Hope was a chance at a new beginning for Carol.

Today, the hardworking and extremely determined Carol Naro is part of an important Light of Hope success story and an inspiration to many children in Kenya.

Carol describes herself as a hardworking girl whose vision is to be the “Hero of Turkana” where she was born.  Her greatest wish is to give back.

Carol does not know the whereabouts of her two brothers, but hopes to reunite with them someday.

LOH-2013-carol-zippy-and-ceLight of Hope is extremely proud of Caroline Naro.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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