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February/March 2022 Newsletter

20th Annual Shine a Light of Hope Gala
for our 20th Annual Shine a Light of Hope Gala! April 22, 2022 
Registration at 5:30pm  –  Dinner and Program begin at 6:30pm
Gale Woods Farm  –  Minnetrista, Minnesota
Light of Hope Visitors
January and February have been an exciting time at Light of Hope. Two groups of dear friends came to visit the girls and help with projects around the campus. The girls had a blast spending time with the groups. If you would like to schedule a trip, please reach out to us.
New Swimming Requirements
The Kenya education system has put in place requirements that the children learn how to swim. Since learning to swim in the lakes isn’t safe with giant hippos and crocodiles, most Kenyans cannot swim. As you can imagine the girls love swimming at the local pool!
Meet Nancy
Nancy was rescued by Light of Hope in January from the Naivasha Safe House. She is a bright girl who has a great desire to be educated. Unfortunately, her mom kept her from school, forcing her to do house chores and take care of her younger brother. Her mom forbid her to go to school and punished her if she saw her doing any kind of school work. She went to the police when her mom abandoned her and and they brought her to the Safe house. Nancy is 13 years old and in first grade at Light of Hope. She is very eager and doing extra studies so that she can move up with girls her age. Nancy is so happy to be in school! If you would like to support her in her education please join our Friend of Hope program. More info here,
Meet Salome
Salome is a sweet 6 year old who was referred to Light of Hope. Her Mom is partially deaf and her Dad is paralyzed on one side. The children are living with their mom and the dad lives in another village. Her mom works when she can but is unable to provide for Salome and her siblings. Salome is excited to be at Light of Hope and to have a full belly and opportunity to change the cycle of poverty in her family by getting an education. If you would like to support Salome in her education, please join our Friends of Hope program. More info here
Help us by downloading the Spave App
Have you heard of the apps where you can round up your purchases and donate to a nonprofit? We have partnered with the top dog of these apps, SPAVE! This is a fun way to round up and donate to us during your weekly trip to the grocery store or going out to eat. Download the free app from the App Store or Google Play. Check out SPAVE now and help us to usher in another way to support the girls.