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September 2018 Monthly Updates

September School Updates

Meet Little Jane, Nina

Meet Nina, one of our newest rescues, who arrived to Light of Hope in January! Nina is an orphan, who was living with her Grandma, and who was referred to LOH by the Deacon of the church her grandmother was attending. Welcome, Nina, we are so blessed to have you!

Click Here to Watch Video of Nina’s arrival

Sandy and Nina, soon after her arrival.

Medtronic Volunteers for Career Day!

Medtronic volunteers from Minneapolis joined forces with Medtronic staff in Nairobi to organize a Career Day at LOH! This amazing event is the first of it’s kind for LOH, and we want to thank them for their commitment to girls, education, and Light of Hope! We are so blessed. Asante Sana, Medtronic!

Zippy Home for Her Internship

Zippy, who is in her 2nd year of college, is home for an “attachment”, which is a 6 month internship in her area of study, Animal Husbandry and Farming. While home, she is training the staff in the care of the animals and helping improve gardening techniques.

Following her attachment, Zippy will return to school for her 2 remaining semesters, after which she will graduate!

Thanks Zippy for all of your care and hard work!

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