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May / June Newsletter: School Updates

May/June Newsletter

Flooding at Light of Hope

The extended rainy season has brought incredible rainfall and flooding to eastern Africa and much of the damage was in Kenya. Over 100,000 people were displaced, lives and livestock were lost. Below is a video showing the water that has washed out the road leading to Light of Hope.

Watch Video – Featuring Boni!

Boni has not been able to come home since March due to the International travel ban in Kenya. We hope and pray that he will be able to travel home soon.

Update on Our Friends of Hope Initiative

The Friend of Hope program creates an opportunity to develop a very special friendship with a specific girl. You’ll have the chance to exchange pictures, share life stories, and pray for each other. With a monthly commitment to help cover the expenses of a girl you are making education possible and are empowering one of Africa’s leaders of tomorrow!
For more information contact Charlene at or visit this page for more information.

Saying Goodbye to Lynn Schroeder

We had to say goodbye to a dear friend and advocate of Light of Hope. Lynn passed away on February 29, 2020. She is greatly missed.

Welcome to Erin Quinn who has been hired to take over the position as the Director of Marketing, Development and Donor Relations and can be reached at

How Covid-19 is Effecting Light of Hope

Light of Hope has been challenged with navigating Covid-19. On March 15th all Kenya schools closed. Some girls have stayed and others went to stay with relatives. The girls who stayed have been keeping busy around LOH making masks and taking care of the facility while maintaining social distancing. School will be open for 3rd term on September 1st and the girls are slowly returning to Light of Hope. To stay in compliance with the government mandate the classrooms will need to be expanded for more social distancing. This will be an unexpected expense to the Light of Hope budget.

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