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May/June 2021 Newsletter

Call for Friend of Hope Letters

Boni and Sandy are traveling to Light of Hope on July 26 and we are hoping to bring a letters from their Friends of Hope! We are thankful for each of you who are a part of this program already. Please email or hand write your letters and send to us no later then July 18.
This is an amazing and unique opportunity to pray for a specific girl, write letters back and forth and build a relationship. Can you help us match our last 25 girls who are not yet in the program? 
All it takes is a commitment to write a couple of letters a year and a recurring monthly donation of $50 or more (it costs $210 per month for each girl at LOH to receive her room, board and education).  
Here are two of the girls that are in need of a Friend of Hope. There are many more on our website.  Please email if you are able to participate! 

Meet SharonRose, she came to LOH in 2017 at 9yrs old. She was abandoned by her mother. Determined in her studies, she wants to be a nurse. Esther came to Light of Hope in February of this year. She is 12yrs old and the first born of three to a single mom. Before LOH she had to walk 5 miles to school each day. 
Light of Hope Student Update
It’s June and the school is back in full swing. We have 80 girls at LOH plus girls in high school. Our construction of the two new classrooms is almost complete. Thanks to your generosity and love we have welcomed 5 new girls into the Light of Hope family in 2021!

Rotary Connections?
For the past several months we have been working with the Shakopee Rotary and District 5950 to write an International Grant to help fund the construction of a Water Harvesting System at Light of Hope. This would help to capture the overabundance of rain water in the spring for use during the dry season. If you have any Rotary connections please let us know. We are in need of getting more Clubs participating with us. 
Have you heard of DonorSee? This is a new fundraising platform that we are trying out for our urgent projects that arise at Light of Hope. We just welcomed 7 year old Jane, can you help cover her first month expenses at LOH?

Click Here to Watch Jane’s Video on DonorSee!